Electrical Installations
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Electrical Repairs & Installations in Syracuse, NY

Electrical Installations in Syracuse, NY, provides reliable wiring for all your new and old properties. We get all your electrical repairs, replacements, and installations done in no time.

Service Upgrades

Enjoy service upgrades for your residential and commercial properties. We make sure your wiring is correct, and offer convenient upgrades, including switching from fuses to circuit breakers.
Electric Fuse
Home Interior

New Homes & Office Interiors

Let us ensure the wiring in your new home or office works correctly before you move in. We also offer rewiring for both new and old properties. By taking out the old wiring and putting in new, we make sure your home or office is safely wired.
Swimming pool

Swimming Pools

Make sure your swimming pool's electrical wiring is properly installed to meet requirements. We install anything from pool lighting to electrical devices that keep your pool clean through filtration systems.
House planning

Additions & Renovations

Are you renovating or adding new space to your home or office? Let us make sure your wiring is properly installed in the most energy-efficient way possible to help you save both time and money.